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Clubs & Organizations

River Runners is an exercise club that supports our school theme of “Healthy Minds, Bodies, and Spirits.” During recess or “Brain Breaks,” students have the opportunity to walk or jog around our track or the bus loop to complete a 5-mile River Runners card; however, participation is optional.  It takes several days/weeks to finish each card since 8 laps around our track (or bus loop) equals one mile.  Once a student completes the 5-mile card, he/she will submit the card in exchange for a colorful sneaker charm to go on his/her backpack or shoe lace.

Red=5 miles, White=10 miles, Blue=15 miles, Black=20 miles, and Rainbow=25 miles!

When a student completes the sixth card (or higher)… those cards will go into a grade level “Lottery” box.  At the end of the year, one lucky student’s name from each grade level will be drawn to earn the big prize, a new bicycle!  We have partnered with Vulcan Materials Company who has generously supported our new club by offering a new bicycle to one student from each grade level. The more cards you have in the grade level lottery box, the better your chance of winning a new bike! We hope this club improves our cardio-respiratory endurance, as well as our “Minds, Bodies, & Spirits.”

Girls on the Run: Rivers Edge Elementary hosts the Girls on the Run of Greater Richmond Program.  Girls on the Run is a curriculum-based, after school character development program designed for 3rd– 5th grade girls of ALL fitness and ability levels. Ms. Lebling, Ms. Jacobs, Ms. Wootton, and Ms. Reeves enjoy every minute with our GOTR crew!

SCA: Student representatives work with Mrs. Game to organize school-wide community service projects. Updates will be shared through school-wide updates.