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Nov 15

Giving Tree

As global citizens, we discuss making a positive difference in our community.  During the first quarter, students and families donated over 5,000 cans of food to give to the Henrico County Christmas Mother.  As our next school-wide service project, Rivers Edge will continue our annual tradition and host the Giving Tree for families in need in our HCPS community.  We have partnered with Three Chopt Elementary and the ASK Foundation to provide some of their families with holiday cheer.  Our Giving Tree is similar to the Angel Tree program seen at the malls.

Thank you for supporting our community and our children. We hope everyone enjoys the upcoming holidays!

#Global Citizens

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Nov 14

The Art of Communication

Our 5th graders have been utilizing their communication skills in a variety of ways. Mrs. Baulsir’s class shared point-of-view letters to Mrs. James. Who knew that pencil erasers and chairs had such strong feelings?! Students in Mrs. Myers’ and Mrs. Wittkopf’s classes shared a variety of information through their integer timelines. Meanwhile, Mrs. Tarbox’ and Mrs. Livesay’s students have been practicing their “WAM” (Writing About Math).



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Nov 12

Reflections Gallery

We are so pleased to share the wonderful talent of our REES students! Thanks to some amazing PTA volunteers, we now have a “Reflections Gallery” decorating our cafeteria walls.  All of our student participants did a great job interpreting the 2019 Reflections theme of Look Within.  We are so delighted with our eagles’ creativity and very proud to have their work displayed for all to see!


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Nov 06

Election Day Fun

Ms. Hess’ class enjoyed celebrating Election Day! After reading Grace for President and Duck for President, the students made campaign posters, voter registration cards, and cast their ballots for who they thought would make their best president. Congratulations to Mr. Duck for winning the election! #LifeReady

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Oct 31

Understanding the Gifted Identification Process

Families interested in learning more about Henrico County’s gifted identification process and services can click here for a copy of our Gifted Identification Process Presentation.

  • Additional information can be found on the HCPS Gifted Program web page:
  • The timeline below details dates for the HCPS Gifted Identification Process.


October 7-25, 2019 Parent and Teacher Referrals for Grades 3-5 due to Shannon Hodges via email ( Gifted Referral FAQs for Grades 2-12
October 11, 2019

8:00-8:30 am (in Gym)

Family Information Session: K-5 Gifted Identification Process
November 1, 2019 Referral Letters, Academic Referral Forms, and Parent/Guardian Questionnaires sent to families in the process
November 12-14, 2019 CogAT Testing for all HCPS 2nd Grade students

·         Nov. 12=Verbal, Nov. 13=Quantitative, Nov. 14=Nonverbal

November 8, 2019 Academic Referral Forms and Parent/Guardian Questionnaires due to Shannon Hodges
January 2020 Portfolios are finalized and result letters sent to families.


January 6-24, 2020 Parent and Teacher Referrals for Grades K-2 due to Shannon Hodges via email ( Gifted Referral FAQs for Grades K-1
January 31, 2020 Referral Letters, Academic Referral Forms, and Parent/Guardian Questionnaires sent to families in the process
February 7, 2020 Academic Referral Form and Parent/Guardian Questionnaire due to Shannon Hodges
February 19-21, 2020 Gifted Programs testing window for administration of CogATs for referred students in grades Kg and 1.

·         Feb. 19=Verbal, Feb. 20=Quantitative, Feb. 21=Nonverbal

April 2020 Portfolios are finalized and results letters sent to families.

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Oct 31

October Rolls Out with a Bang

The last week of October was a busy one at REES! We mixed it up across the grades and boo’d out bullying with a fun 5th grade skit. In between, our teachers and students were all learning through clever STEAM activities. Check out the excitement below! #REESSteam #LifeReady

1st Grade Book Character Celebration

Mrs.Kautz-Scanavy and Ms.Wootton’s Spider Catapults1st Grade Book Character Parade

Rewriting Lyrics to Make Candy Stew in Music with Mrs. Adelstein

More Kindergarten Coding
Pumpkin Patch Design Challenge with Kg and 3rd Grade Collaboration
Staff PD – How Creatively Can You Transport a Turkey?

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Oct 27

Kindergarten Coders

Ms. Wootton found an exciting way to evaluate her kindergartners’ knowledge of environmental print. The students used codes to create maps with popular stopping points on which their Ozobot could travel. As the bot arrived each code, the students named the location by looking at each sign. There was so much excitement in this class!   #LifeReady


Click here to watch a video of one student’s hard work.


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Oct 27

Active Eagles Earn $600 for REES

Many thanks to all of our active eagles who participated in the Regency Mile. This is the largest timed youth road race in Richmond, attracting over 1,300 runners. Rivers Edge had more participants than any other school, so we won the top $600 prize. Mr. Rutman plans to put this money to good use by purchasing new physical education equipment!

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Oct 23

Full STEAM Ahead

We love our new Innovative Learning Coach, Mrs. Lizotte! She and our great teachers have our students collaborating, communicating, and thinking critically. Our eagles are coding, designing, researching, building, and learning all while having fun! #REESSteam #LifeReady

1st and 2nd Graders Using Coding Mice

3rd Graders Recycling and Designing
4th Graders Learning to Solve Rubik’s Cubes
5th Graders Researching Topics for REES Around the World Kindergartners Designing and Testing BridgesMrs. Livesay and Mrs. Tarbox students enjoyed building towers with spaghetti!

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Oct 18

5,000 Cans + Physical Fitness = Successful Week

We moved our feet so others can eat!

Thank you to all of our eagles and their families who supported our Success Week. As a result, we have over 5,000 cans of food going to Henrico Christmas Mother. What a fabulous way for our physical fitness activities help us become better global citizens!

We appreciate all the hard work that Mr. Rutman put into planning this for us!


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