“SECURLY Home” Family Portal

Henrico County Public Schools (HCPS) has no greater priority than the safety and wellness of our 48,000 students and 10,000 staff members. In addition to physical security measures on school campuses, HCPS is enhancing its web filtering system to help protect students when they are using their school issued devices online. A new feature of the service is an optional parent/guardian portal for families to review their students’ internet activity on their HCPS-issued devices.

SECURLY’s parent and guardian portal is called SECURLY Home. SECURLY Home is accessible via both a smartphone app and a website. SECURLY Home provides parents and guardians information about their student’s internet activity on their HCPS device in real time or via a weekly summary sent to the email address listed in PowerSchool. It also allows families to set additional controls on the device while it is at home. For example, a parent or guardian can limit the hours the student’s HCPS device can access the internet when it is not on a HCPS network.
SECURLY also alerts school administrators to student internet searches involving bullying and other harmful behaviors. This information is provided only to school administrators and school counselors who are in a position to work with families to assist students.

What is next?

Parents and guardians who are authorized contacts for students will receive a welcome email directly from SECURLY on Tuesday, September 13th. This email will be unique for each parent/guardian for their student(s) and will contain directions on getting started and accessing SECURLY Home. Additional information on SECURLY can be found on the HCPS website under “Online Services” near the bottom of the page and on SECURLY’s parent website.

For questions, please contact helpdesk@henrico.k12.va.us