Sep 10

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Technology Tips for Chromebooks

We appreciate everyone’s patience and flexibility as we have jump started our First Nine Online! Below are a few tech tips that have helped several students get and remain online.


  1. For any issue, try restarting the Chromebook. It really works miracles sometimes and should be done at least once a week. Also, make sure your child has removed any users that the Chromebook may have remembered from the previous school year. This can be done on the startup screen by clicking on the down arrow icon beside the user’s name and choosing remove user.
  1. If you see this error message, just click cancel repeatedly.
  1. If your child is having problems with Google assignments loading in Schoology, try refreshing the page first.
  1. If you child is experiencing some kind of permissions error when they try to load a Google assignment, there are a few fixes. Reconnecting the Google app to Schoology could help. Follow this link to see a slideshow with instructions.


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